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Woe and Wonder

The Saga of the Broken Boiler continues.  I have now had 3 different repairmen on 4 different occasions staring at my boiler. They know what the problem is, they just don't know how to get to it. They've fixed me up "temporarily" so at least I'm not cold, and neither will I die of carbon monoxide poisoning (considering the temperatures outside, I must admit to giving priority to the former, had I been forced to choose...) However, the trouble is not yet over. There Will Be More Repairmen.


On a cheerier note: I spent my entire weekend in bed. (By myself!! Get your minds out of the gutter.) Because on Friday I received word from uni that now indeed all my BA stuff is done, so I can go and request the official procedure to receive my diploma. Apparently, this lifted all the stress and strain of 5 years off my shoulders and I Decided (with a capital D) to take the weekend off. I was in bed pretty much all day on Saturday, and till 2 pm on Sunday, sleeping, reading, not answering the phone and generally just getting some SERIOUS rest. It sounds boring, and so it was. It was also glorious, wonderful, and completely relaxing. I'm considering spending every weekend this way.

And, on an even cheerier note: went to see Florence + the Machine last night with friend K. The last two concerts we saw together (Adele and PJ Harvey) were absolutely amazing, so we were hoping this Cool Concert Streak would continue. And continue it did. Florence is amazing and has a voice that's clear as a bell and strong like Big Ben. She also likes a little bit of on-stage drama which made for a VERY good show.  She's only got one CD out, but believe me: she is going to be BIG. If you haven't heard the album Lungs, go get it. Now.

To convince  you:
Unfortunataly, I cannot embed this clip, but I assure you it's worth it to click the link. Go clicky!



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Feb. 23rd, 2010 12:27 pm (UTC)
Boiler stuff is annoying, but it's good that you're not freezing. (Or dying of carbon monoxide poisoning. :P)

Aaah, a weekend in bed sounds glorious indeed. I might have to do that sometime...

Also, that song is SO GOOD. :D
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