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The Hills Are Alive...

... with the sound of me stumbling through life

Shoot for the Moon
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A few random facts about me:
- I'm Dutch, early 30's, going on 17.
- I have a secret passion that costs a lot of money... I work as a secretary (oh, the shame) during the day to be able to afford my English language and culture studies at night.
- I am in the process of starting my own translation & editing agency. (English-Dutch and v.v.) Am getting some work already, but I'm waiting until after I finish university to REALLY start actively looking for clients.
- I share my appartment with my cat. She's gracious enough to let me live here. (But only just.)
- I'm fed up with being a secretary.
- I read fanatically, bordering on maniacally. Odd combination of preferences: Terry Pratchett, Jane Austen, history of Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth I and the rest of the Tudor gang, modern British literature, 60's film stars bios, popular science, linguistics.
- I am a member of Mensa. (That means I'm officially Bloody Smart.)
- I should work out. But I don't want to. So I say I don't have time, you know, with work and studies and all...
- I have written Sound of Music fanfic and Flying Doctors (don't ask) fanfic and half a Dempsey & Makepeace fanfic and have contemplated writing AD/MM Potterfic. Is that bad?
- Sometimes I listen to dorky music and I tell myself it's not dorky, but quirky. That sounds more interesting, somehow.
- Among my heroes I count Terry Pratchett, Jane Austen, Alison Weir, the Brontë sisters, Mark Haddon, John Donne, Kazuo Ishiguro, Julie Andrews, Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby and Chris de Burgh. And my mother, for being the bravest person I've ever known.

On friending: I'm still relatively new to LJ, so please add me as a friend if you share any of my interests! Just leave a comment so I know you are really real, so I can friend you back.

50s music, adele, alanis morissette, american songbook, anti-racism, art, arthurian legend, atheism, australia, bbc, bbc adaptations, bill bryson, bing crosby, bridget jones, brigitte kaandorp, british cinema, camelot, cats, chris de burgh, christina rossetti, colin firth, contemporary literature, cornwall, crowded house, dame maggie smith, dante gabriel rossetti, dempsey and makepeace, discworld, duke special, ecology, editing, eggheads, elizabeth i, emma thompson, england, english, english history, fanfic, feminism, films, flying doctors, friendship, fry and laurie, funny t-shirts, gay rights, gin and tonic, good omens, great britain, grey's anatomy, groenlinks, guinevere, harry potter, healthy living, henry viii, hiking, history, house md, huddy, human rights, hundertwasser, hungary, ikea, indie music, irony, james may, jane austen, jane eyre, jeremy clarkson, jogging, joni mitchell, judy garland, julie andrews, kate nash, king arthur, kt tunstall, language, leiden university, les miserables, linguistics, literature, lolcats, london, mary poppins, mensa, mika, mojitos, monet, movies, muse, museums, musicals, nature, oscar wilde, oxford, oxford university, painting, peak district, pg tips, phonetics, photography, pj harvey, poetry, popular science, pre-raphaelites, pride and prejudice, puns, qi, quizzes, quoting films/books, reading, richard dawkins, richard hammond, rincewind, rosemary clooney, sarcasm, scotland, shakespeare, singer/songwriter music, sleeping in, spandau ballet, spending money, stephen fry, steven pinker, sting, studying, tea, teaching, tennis, terry pratchett, the brontë sisters, the sound of music, top gear, translating, translation studies, translation theory, trollbeads, walking, wimbledon, writing fanfic, x-files, youp van 't hek