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Smart. And sexy. Really.

I felt I deserved a treat after passing my BA, so I went out to shop. And yes, I bought clothes... (and a few books, because I'm officially an academic now, so I had to keep up something of an image.) I doubted somewhat before I made my purchase, but then I thought: what the heck, and just went ahead.
I never thought I'd say this... but: I'm wearing skinny jeans. With purple pumps. And looking spiffy!!

See, I'm smart and sexy.

(Ok. Ok. You can all stop laughing now. Really. No more rolling on the floor, please. And the snorting is probably not quite necessary. So could you....?  Thank you. I'm serious. Just... allow me to live the dream for a bit. Ok? Ok. Thanks.)


Sniff. Oops.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really, really very happy about my BA result. But just now, I did have a bit of a cry because  my mother is not here to share my joy.


I miss her. Sometimes, life's just not fair.


BA Paper Grade!!

I just had my final meeting about my BA paper and...

* drum roll please*

I've got an 8.5!!

Which, according to my teacher, is pretty damn good.




A few things happened during (and partly causing) my prolonged absence, so I thought I'd provide a quick update!

Short update on Why I Broke Up With Boyfriend R...Collapse )

Quick report of What We Did In London, and why students of English shouldn't watch Avenue Q...Collapse )

Uni update, featuring Jane Austen and a BA thesis...Collapse )

I've also been hit by some severe winter depression - it's getting better, but this BLOODY SNOW! AND RAIN! I hate winter. It's cold, wet, uncomfortable and dark. I can't wait for spring. I can feel a cold coming on and only last week I had gastroenteritis. (For a week, I felt nauseous every morning and it scared me so much that for the first time in my life, I took a pregnancy test. Of course, it was negative - and then I realized I had a stomach bug.
Honestly, I'm not usually this daft. But you know what, even if you're 99.9% sure you're not pregnant, that minute while you wait for that stick to turn blue or not is a very, very long and uneasy minute.)

Anyway. I think I'm back. Yay!

Kids, don't try this at home.

I just sneezed with my mouth full of toothpaste. It might take a while before the bathroom mirror is clean again.

Odd day.

Today, I finished my BA thesis and broke up with boyfriend R. Or, well, that should now be "ex-boyfriend R", obviously.

Don't know whether to be happy (BA) or sad (boyfriend R), so have settled on both at the same time, which is odd.

However, whatever way you look at it all, I'll probably have more time to update LJ from now on.

Jan. 24th, 2010

Just realized I still had a Christmas-themed LJ, so quickly changed that. Then I looked out the window...


Again. Seriously. Might as well have left the bloody Christmas theme. However, it's not a thick, traffic-crippling layer, but rather a dusting of icing sugar, which (I hate to admit it) looks quite pretty. But I demand that it goes no further!!  Ehm. Anyone know what organisation I should send that demand to?

I'm off to the Leiden uni library in an hour to work on the thesis some more. I now have around 12,000 words, counting quotes and the list of works cited, and that's enough. So I don't need to add any more volume, just tweak it a bit more, fix the references etc. and then I can send it to my teacher. I'm so relieved, can't wait to completely finish it. I've never liked working on anything this much - simply having the time and peace of mind to work on this thesis has been a wonderful experience. (Which is not quite finished yet, but getting there.)


10,918 words!

Ok, that includes my reference list, which I shouldn't be counting. But I'm still thrilled.

Tomorrow, I shall take half a day off. And tonight, I shall have Pizza and Wine. Yay!


I'm alive! (Thanks for asking, everyone.)

Well. That was a bit sarcastic, but I'll try not to be any more, because in fact, things are going quite well! I hope everyone's ok and I'll be checking out my flist to catch up with you all later.

To summarize my disappearance:

There was a Dark Phase. I'm not good with winters and this one is no exception. Maybe I'll post the details later, however, what I just want to share right now is this:

- I got through the worst of it
- I took some time off to work on my BA thesis
- I now have 9,500 words (I should end up around 10,000 so... yeah, I'm on a roll)
- And I've got the rest of today, tomorrow, Sunday and Monday off / free to work on it more.

I want to hand the thing in on Monday, and it appears that I'm a course to achieving just that! If I manage to get this thing finished, it'll be the biggest relief of my life ever.

Oh, and I'm actually enjoying it, too!


I've hardly been at home, so I'm behind on commenting, but I will catch up in 2010.
First though, I'm off... to celebrate New Year's Eve in London!